Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Elli is 19 months old

She is all kid, no baby :(
Elli is learning new words every day and speaking in sentences.
Grandma did Elli's 18 month photo shoot in the tub.

Oh how the Lord blesses us! We have had a bumpy road adjusting to our new stage in life. God, in His great faithfulness, gives hope every step of the way. Sometimes the hope comes through God's word ringing in our heads. Sometimes we get a glimpse of hope in how God continues to provide for our every need. Sometimes it comes as we see a small part of how God uses the good, bad, and the ugly for our good and His glory. He is truly carrying us through this life! Our hard times are not getting lighter, nor are they near over, but we hold tightly to the promises of our Great God!

Next Saturday we will be moving into our new town home!! It is a small step up, but up nonetheless. We are all excited about our new home!

Next weekend we have an opportunity to get away and debrief. Micah and I are really looking forward to this time. We are not quite sure how to sum up the last two years of our lives. This weekend is designed to help us vent and debrief our over seas experience. Pray with us that this would be a fruitful and refueling time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day to celebrate!

Micah finished his last exam of the semester today! Woo Hoo!!
We have been really looking forward to this break! We miss daddy!
This is funny because Lydia would never think to climb the fence. But her 1 year old sister started climbing as if it were meant to be climbed.
Elli couldn't make it all the way up, but Lydia figured it out quickly.
Elli has really grown fond of mud. She loves mud and puddles and getting dirty. Lydia and I stay as far away as possible.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter, cookies, and the girls

Happy Easter!
Lydia seems to have really grasped the concept that Jesus died on the cross. She brings it up quite regularly. When it does come up Micah and I say, "Yes He did, and then He rose again! He was only dead three days." She would argue, "No, He died on the cross."
And then we were leaving church on Easter and getting buckled in the car when Lydia said, "Jesus is Alive!" She couldn't hear it from us, but when her Sunday School teacher explained it to her it was as good as gold. I am so grateful for the body of Christ!

Lydia and Elli have grown quite affectionate with one another. It is precious and comical at times.

Lydia helped me make cookies. She experimented with the flour to see and feel and smell what it is like.
Elli was only interested in the Cheez-its.

Just the girls!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A bit here and there

Meet Bailey! She is the little one I get to babysit during the week.
Lydia cooking for us
Elli longing to have a hat like Lydia
Nana came to visit so I could go to a Women's conference. It was wonderful!!!

Elli still thinks all the baby stuff is for her
Last weekend we went to Savannah for my cousin Haelie's wedding
Lydia loved it! She thought Haelie was a princess.
Elli did not love it. She was ready to be home.
Lydia got to dance with the Bride

She played dress up at the photo booth

And made her way around the room

Elli finally joined in and had a good time!

We are tired! We leave today to go to Carrollton, GA for King's Chapel's Missions Conference. We are so excited to see our dear friends there. I trust is will be a refueling time! I pray our family will be able to rest there!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness :)

Warm sunny days outside! There isn't anything like it.

With our recent cold rainy days inside we have had a couple of movie parties.
My girls make everything fun! Well, when they are not making it hard. :)
We have a 5 month old little girl with us everyday. She has added to our excitement. Lydia has grown up so much having another baby around. She is so helpful. Elli can be jealous, but she is so sweet and loving to Bailey, the baby. Micah is busy busy with school and work. So it is nice that the three girls keep me busy.